A collaboration with video artist and musician Morten Arnfred and dance artist Julie Rasmussen. The project have been a start on a longer collaboration with the two, where they wanted to investigate abstract realities true movements, film and sound design. We have investigated different characters, with inspiration from animals, a futuristic body and an every changing fluid of movements. 

The two films have played with different video effects to tranform the body into something new, something abstract. 

First Contact

First Contact arrived in the final at 60 second dance competition in 2018, and will be shown at NORDLYS festival of new nordic dance in Manila (PH) in 2019. Produced at Palazzo Stabile - a art residency in Italy in 2017.


After some research for "First contact" in Italy we continued the work and made it into music video for Morten Arnfreds band Journey to Ix. Sirenity was produced in Copenhagen in spring 2018.

Pictures from the researchat the residency at Palazzo Stabile