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Julie Rasmussen (DK/NO) is a choreographer and dancer working between Denmark and Norway. 

Her artistic practice and work encompasses various formats such as performance making, performing, teaching and curation. Her work is rooted in dance and embodied practices, and often in close collaboration with music, rhythm and voice work. 


She is one of the initiators and curators of the contemporary dance festivals Ravnedans in Kristiansand (NO) since 2010 and NORDLYS in Copenhagen (DK), a nordic collective creating festivals and site specific work since 2014.

She grew up in Kristiansand (NO) and lives in Copenhagen (DK), and is therefore embracing the Danish and Norwegian dance scene, as a base for her projects. 

Her work characterized by a rigorous and playful physical approach, where the raw and absurd energy meets the sensitive, soft and vulnerable. With a playful force, she is investigating the imagination and how to create new realities through physical experiences. Tapping into the place of unexpected.

Julie is working with flexible formats, in order to create a more meaningful connection to communities where she is performing, and opening up for the possibilities of performing in different kind of spaces.


Julie has studied contemporary dance and choreography at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen (2009-13), Amsterdam School of the Art in Holland (exchange 2012) and SPIN OFF - pre-study in dance in Oslo/Norway (2008-09)

She has been touring with her own pieces and collaboration projects since 2010 and performed at places like Skuespilhuset / The Royal Theatre in Denmark, Dansehallerne (DK), La Scala Opera House in Milano, Dansens hus in Oslo, Kilden Theatre and Concert House (NO) and many more. 



She has worked with choreographers and companies such as Fieldwork / Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki (BE/NO), Hofesh Shechter (UK), Ingvild Isaksen (NO), Kristiansand Kongelige Teater (NO), A MasIng Production (IT/NO), Stian Danielsen (NO), MYKA/ My Grönholdt (SE), Mute Comp Physical Theater / Kasper Ravnhøj  (DK), Ellinor Ljungkvist (SE), Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK), Kenneth Flak (NO) & Kulli Roosna (EE).


She has also been working in the cross disciplinary filed with theatre, music and choreography, with companies as Kristiansand Kongelige Teater (NO), Loop by Laura (NO) and the Norwegian theatre director Runar Hodne.


  • Working grant for artist from the Norwegian Art Council  - 2022

  • Special Corona Working grant from the Danish Art Council - 2021

  • Working grant for artist from the Norwegian Art Council  - 2021

  • Government grant for artist from the Norwegian Art Council  - 2019

  • Artist Grant from Vest-Agder county municipality (NO) - 2018

  • Government grant for artist from the Norwegian Art Council - 2017

  • Voluntary Prize for the work with young artist through Ravnedans festival , from Vest-Agder municipality (NO) - 2015

  • Prize of honor from the Norwegian Dance Artist Organization (NO) - 2015

  • Government grant for young artist from the Norwegian Art Council - 2014

  • Artistic Grant from Kristiansands municipality (NO) - 2013

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