A Dance Artist - A Dance platform

A platform for dance inventions where raw, absurd and animalistic energy meets a sensitive, soft and vulnerable tone 


The artistic work of Julie Rasmussen has many different artistic expressions, manifesting itself through big and small scale dance productions, collective collaborations, teaching and two contemporary dance festivals: Ravnedans in Kristiansand (NO) and NORDLYS in Copenhagen (DK). She grew up in Norway and lives in Denmark, and is therefore embracing Danish and Norwegian dance as well as reaching out internationally. 

Artistic identity

With a playful force, jet a deep understanding of the body and its abilities, she is investigating the imagination and how to create new realities through physical experiences. The investigation is done in collaborative processes with artists from different art fields and nordic backgrounds. Through connecting with her female and masculine energies, she is combining pleasure, absurdity and humor in an unexpected way. 


The result is a series of visually strong performances, investigating the body in relation to costumes, sound, light and objects. Julie is working with flexible formats, in order to create a more meaningful connection to communities where she is performing, and opening up for the possibilities of performing in different kinds of spaces.


Her current research field is going into a investigation of how the body will change in the future, because of impacts from the human created technologies. This research is at the moment manifesting through a new full evening performance called “It´s groing out of my back” and a workshop called “Boneless bodies and golden joints”.