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Golden Joints


This class focuses on how we can support and challenge each other's dances through touch, guidance and care, and explore a more available and virtuous body.


Through bodywork exercises and improvisational scores we will search for new ways of moving together, where we can support each others movement and trigger a curious, multi-directional body. We will also investigate different ways of touching and how we can surprise and challenge our own movement predictability.


The work is a deep search for potentiality in direction and different use of body tonus. The partner work consists of deep tissue work, 3D guiding: where you guide with complexity and listening, and how to give and receive weight in a safe and joyful way.


The aim is to make our joints golden and available, both for own explorations and in contact with other bodies. 

I have been developing and researching Golden Joints since 2015, both with professional dancer and non-professionals. It's been taking many forms and been a part of many projects of mine, and I have a kind of never-ending fascination off what this practise can give. It both trigger my imagination of what my body can be, how it can move and the connection with others. 

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