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Golden Joints


This class will make us feel soft, connected and energized.

We will use time to listen in on ourself and each other, and help each other to feel more available in our joints and free from tension.


Through specific bodywork exercises and improvisational scores, we will search for new ways of moving together. Through caring and supporting touch we will guide each other into a curious space, where we can feel multidirectional, soft and strong at the same time.


By investigate how we can be cleare and specific through a guided touch, we will go into a deep tissue dialog dance. Potentially feeling more free and curious for how many directions our body can move, with less effort and more pleasure.


The aim is to make our joints golden and available, both for own explorations and in contact with other bodies.


I have been researching, developing and teaching Golden Joints since 2015, both with professional dancer and non-professionals.

I have a never ending fascination off what this practise gives me and the people I share it with. It both trigger my imagination of what my body can be, how it can move and the connection with others.

I am adapting the complexity of the class, depending on who I´m teaching. 

Contact for more information:

This little film is captured from the performance "KRISTIANSAND NÅ!" at Kilden Teater in Norway, where I danced as a C3PO character. Well, not in direct connection with Golden Joints, but kind of...

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