Coming up: 
9. - 11. november 2020 kl. 20.00
at Skuespilhuset / The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen (DK)

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Choreographer: Julie Rasmussen, in collaboration with dancers
Dancers: Maren Fidje Bjørneseth, Rickard Fredborg and Julie Rasmussen
Sound designer: Ole Hagelia
Lighting designer: Markus Tarasenko Fadum
Scenographer: Ingvild Isaksen
Responsible for light and scenography on tour: Felipe Osorio-Guzman
Tailor: Anja Marie Thorsen
Multi-channel audio setup and scenography assistant: Fabrice Moinet
Photographer: Morten Arnfred
Text, voice and outside eye: Dan Nicholson
Dramaturge: André Eiermann
Production: Michelle Flagstad, Maja Bonde Holtze, Mikkel Søndergaard Kryger

UMWELT is a sensory experience. A full evening choreographic work that allows you to explore your imaginative potential by zooming in, listening deeply and allowing yourself to become absorbed by the absurd body.


At a moment when we are all frustratingly physically distanced from one another, what better time to enjoy a safe*, live, intimate exploration of the flesh.


Umwelt is a word for the world our senses give us access to. Our reality is limited by our biology; we can only ever experience a small part of the consciousness that surrounds us at all times. But by paying closer attention and reimagining our potential we can enhance our experience. UMWELT creates a space that encourages you to do just this.


I am not in my body, my body is in me.


The project is supported by The Danish Art Foundation (DK), the Norwegian Art Council (NO), The Nordic Culture Found, Nordic Culture Point, Dance Center of Northern Norway (NO), Scenekunst Sør (NO), Cultiva Ekspress (NO), Kristiansand Municipality (NO), Agder County Municipality (NO) and Halmstad Municipality (SE).

Rosegården Teater, Kristiansand (NO), oktober 2020



Oktober 2020 - Dramalogen Teater i Halmstad (SE)

November 2020 - Skuespilhuset / Det kongelige Teater i København (DK) 

 (Forestillingen spiller som en del af K:Selekt. K:Selekt er et samarbejde mellem Det kongelige Teater og Statens Kunstfond om at styrke udviklingen på tværs af strukturer, genrer og til gensidig inspiration i det danske scenekunstmiljø.)

Juni 2021 - Momentum Teater i Odense (DK)