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Norwegian premiere: Rosegården Teater / Kristiansand - 25. - 27. september 2020.

Swedish premiere: Dramalogen Teater / Halmstad - 9. - 10. oktober 2020

Danish premiere: Copenhagen - oktober/november 2020

How will our bodies transform in the future? Will the bio tech fuck up our bodies in unexpected ways? Will we become super humans, useless body blobs or communicate through ships in our brains? 


In "It`s growing out of my back" we will manifest through other shapes and forms, and transform an imaginative space where you can create your own reality. 

Imagine that you can breath with you knees, tast with your back or smell with the backside of your head.

Pictures from three different art residency:

Scenekunst Sør Lab in Kristiansand / Norway (2019), Metochi / K-Gold Temporary Gallery in Lesvos / Greece (2019) and BIRCA / Bornholm (2020)

Videos from the research

 Julie Rasmussen (NO/DK)

Dance performers: Maren Fidje Bjørneseth (NO), Rickard Fredborg (SE), Julie Rasmussen (DK/NO)

Sound Design: Ole Andreas Undheim Hagelia (NO)

Costume designer: Sandra Møller Svendsen (DK)

Set and scenography: Erik Pirolt (NO)

Lys design: Markus Tarasenko Fadum (NO)

Text work and outside eye: Dan Nicholson (UK)

Producer: Michelle Flagstad (NO)

Supported by The Norwegian Art Council, The Danish Art Fundation (DK), Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Dansearena Nord (NO), Scenekunst Sør (NO), Cultiva Ekspress (NO), Kristiansand Kommune (NO), Agder Fylkeskommune (NO) and Halmstad Kommune (SE)

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