NORDLYS Collective
2014 - 2019

NORDLYS is a nordic collective by dance artists My Grönholdt (SE), Julie Rasmussen (NO) and Tine Østergaard (DK).


We work as curators, artistic directors, choreographers, performers and create site-specific walking performances with nordic dance artists.

Nordlys examines the Nordic identity and Nordic trends in culture and society and how they are reflected in our body and aesthetics. The walking performances are characterised by artists and the audience interacting with the performance site and explores space, art and dynamism that create a unique experience.

Nordlys creates a platform for dancers, artists and choreographers where they can expose their art and participate in networking across countries.

NORDLYS had two festival event in Copenhagen 2014-15 and two festival event in Manila in collaboration with P-NOISE in 2016 and 2019.


At NORDLYS x P-NOiSE Vol 2 we glued three performance nights together with themes related to the asian mythological creature; the unicorn. The unicorn has three main abilities that functioned as frames for the three performance nights; “cleansing powers”, “magic powers” and “healing powers”.