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Passord: meatlump

“The Meatlump” is a moving organism made up of three bodies who share a common will, power, love and destructiveness. It is a seething bodily mass that  moves between integration and separation. The Meatlump explores our perception of what the body is through a new, complex physicality that is absurd  and dangerous, yet humorous and caring. 

The way we relate to our bodies feels more relevant than ever during this time of social distancing and biotechnological advancement. The Meatlump brings a vibrant, visceral physical language that reframes and expands our perceptions around the body and identity itself.  

The Meatlump is an organism, a creature, an unidentifiable blob of flesh.             

The Meatlump is a state of mind, a character, a way of life. 

The Meatlump is an intention, a feeling, a universe within itself. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. For however much The Meatlump just wants to have a good time and create a nice environment for all, it always gets in its own way due to its gluttonous impulses. Be that as it may, The Meatlump still possesses a powerful allure of playful, exhilarating charisma, which tickles your imagination and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Time after time you promise yourself that you’ll never invite it to any of your parties again. And  yet you always do.  

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