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LAND SKAP - By a MasIng Production

– zooming in to see the smaller picture

Genre: Dance / audio visual Installation 
Choreography: A MasIng Productions (Masako Matsushita & Ingvild Isaksen)
Dancers: Julie Rasmussen and Hilde I. Sandvold 
Film Maker and Sound collaborator: Morten Arnfred

What lives in the landscapes surrounding us and what are beyond its borders?

The audience can wander around in a land full of boxes of various sizes activated when someone peers into them. Those who look in will look back on the landscape and the people in it as if it were a real-time movie. Some boxes have secret messages that only the most curious can find. Other boxes offer dance and music. In this landscape you can stay for hours or just make a short visit.

LAND SKAP was especially designed for Garntørka in Son during Sånafest, and the debut for Masako and Ingvild as A MasIng productions. 

Photo: Andreas Strand Renberg
Photo: Andreas Strand Renberg
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