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Boneless Body


A soft, available, complex and imaginative body.


This physical practice is structured through improvisational scores, where we start with an anatomical understanding of our body, where we practically investigate our bodies function and ability, where we listen in and give time to slow physical development. Further on we take our boneless body into movement scores and improvisation where we bring in play and imagination. This part is where the magic happens. 


The aim is both to investigate an available body, where the complexity of direction and tones gives us more movement possibilities, and to connect our physical moving body to a playful imagination. How can we work with our mind to be able to surprise ourselves and bring us into new physical landscapes?



Golden Joint - Partner work


An exploration of how to support and challenge each other's dances through guidance and complex partner work.


Body work exercises in couples, where we will help each other listen in and move through our joints in a soft and exploratory way. The partner work consists of deep tissue work, 3D guiding: where you guide with complexity and listening, and how to give and receive weight in a safe and joyful way.


The work is a deep search for potentiality in direction and different use of body tonus, with detailed skillfulness in moving through listening, and how you can be able to move and react in a split second, both in your own dance and with a partner. Through improvisational exercises we will search for new ways of moving together, where we can surprise each other and challenge our predictability. We will also investigate different ways of touching, and how to communicate through movement in a healthy way. 


The aim is to make our joints golden and available, both for own explorations and in contact with other bodies. Through focussing on the possibilities of the joints we become resilient, soft and strong, and it will help us find more options in our contact work.

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